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Cam is one of the simplest screen recording applications to use. Still, it offers a number of advanced settings for those who like to control every detail possible in the procedure. The process is easy and the resulting files offer good picture and sound quality. In addition to the central function, the program also has a screen capture tool, which can be useful if you need to save an image and have the application open, for example.

Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.

For videos, it allows you both to include and disable the presence of the mouse pointer on the screen if you wish. Even though it is entirely in English, the organization of the interface makes using it not difficult even for beginners. Likewise, the commands are very intuitive and even highlighted with colors associated with such operations. Be the first to rate this product!

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Ola, consegui uma imagem. Pode me orientar??? Depois de realizar esses procedimentos, reinicie normalmente o computador. Se o problema for resolvido, siga em frente. Tipo dual boot. Tem sim, seria via Dual Boot mesmo. Mas tente instalar para ver. O mac que eu baixei era justamente pra isso, ainda no nome ta [Intel-AMD] vou baixar e tentar com outro mesmo, obrigado pela resposta. Ate mais. Olha cara tenta mudar o processador para intel core duo e a placa de video nao ira aguentar os graficos da apple vai ficar cheia de erros fica mais fassil voce mudar o computador e colocar 6.

Mas tente.

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Vou contribuir com os colegas que querem o HMBT. Aqui segue o link do megaupload. Queria saber se posivel instalr o sistema operacional Mac no meu notebook acer aspire z Podem me ajudar?

Da uma ajuda? Ai use o Google ou outro buscador. Ou pergunte aqui.

Como gravar webcam com VLC

Me contata por e-mail q eu te explico estou com o mac os lion aki no meu com um dual boot com o windows 7. Experimenta colocar o dvd com o OS direto no driver de dvd e pedir para ele dar um boot direto no dvd, sem colocar o hmbt antes. Espero ter ajudado. Mas o intuito entre todos deve ser compartilhar. Step 1 : Click the ActivePresenter button 1. Step 2 : Select Record Video 2. After that, ActivePresenter will launch a blue rectangle and a Recording Video Project dialog where you can access the Webcam Recording feature.

In this tutorial, we will only focus on the Recording Video Project dialog. Take the steps below to enable recording webcam:. Step 2 : Select a webcam device from the webcam list. Then, a live preview of the camera will appear next to the webcam option.

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ActivePresenter allows you to have many settings for the webcam. Click the drop-down arrow on the Webcam button 3 and select Webcam Properties… 4 or Format Settings… 5 to open corresponding dialogs. They will be discussed in details in the later part of this article. ActivePresenter 7 allows you to record webcam and screen separately.

This means that you can record webcam, save videos, and insert them into slides to use in projects. Now, take the following steps to get it done:. Step 1 : Open the Annotations tab 6.

Step 2 : Click the Video button 7. Step 3 : Select Webcam Recording 8. After that, the Webcam Recording window will appear:. The webcam section contains a live preview and many other setting options. Select a device detected from the Device list.

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These setting dialogs will be explained in the Webcam Settings section. ActivePresenter allows calibrating the sound level before actually recording to make sure that the sound level is good enough. Normally, Webcam Recording feature in ActivePresenter 7 has default settings that are ready to go. However, you can have further settings and changes when needed.

The Webcam Properties dialog has two tabs that let you have the following settings in webcam recording:.