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How to Fix the Startup Disk Full Error on Your Mac

Top 5 Tips to Clear Space on Mac 1. Go to Downloads from the left sidebar.

Review downloaded files, and delete all the files that you don't really need. Select View from the top menu. Select Show Duplicate Items from the list.

Here we can spot several types of junk files, including the following: Cache files are designed to speed up your apps and browsing experience. But they can do the opposite when they pile up.

5 Top Tips: How to Clear Disk Space on Mac

Once you opened a hidden Library folder, check out the Caches folder in it. Log files are like diaries of your Mac system and user processes. Repeat the steps above, but choose the Logs folder instead of Caches. Mail attachments are stored on your Mac every time you open files attached to emails from the built-in Mail app. Over time, Mail downloads may waste gigabytes of your disk space. Most apps come with dozens of language packs and dictionary files.

But if you can do without Swahili for Skype, feel free to remove useless language packs. These files are architecture files designed for an app to run off different platforms. Click Fix Items Safely and get your disk space back.

A note on what happened to 'Other' space in macOS Sierra and higher

Want a total Mac cleanup? Find them all, including system logs, browser cache, useless language packs, offline mail attachments, and more. MacKeeper safely removes junk files while leaving your personal files untouched. Duplicates Finder cleans your Mac from useless file copies or duplicate files. It scans the entire Mac and removes useless duplicates in a click. Run Application. Wait for scan to complete, scroll down to review files that take plenty of space.

For example, previous Windows installation takes up to If your virtual machine has snapshots open Snapshot Manager and remove the once you no longer need. In most of situations this will also reduce virtual machine size. If you'd like to cancel the subscription to this article, follow the confirmation link from the email we've just sent you. Toggle navigation Knowledge Base Knowledge Base.

Why Is My Startup Disk Full? Powerful Tips to Free Up Space on your Mac - Parallels Blog

Free up disk space on Mac 55 users found this article helpful. How do I stop my virtual machine size from expanding? Two of the most popular are Google Drive and Dropbox.

4 Easy Steps to Delete "Other" Space and Speed Up Your Mac

Google drive will give you 15GB of free storage space, and the companion program Google Photos offers unlimited image and video storage at 16MP or p and less. According to Ben Lovejoy from 9to5mac , Dropbox stands out for its file-sync speed and reliability as he put:. If storage space seems to be a recurring problem, you will benefit from cleaning out system junk and useless files to stay on top of any storage issues. Again, CleanMyMac 3 is the best solution to handle this. A great alternative is Dr. Cleaner , which does pretty much the same thing.

After the scan, it then offers a number of suggested actions you can take to reclaim more space. Once you know which files are largest, you can start removing those you no longer need and clearing space as efficiently as possible.

Some common space hogs include videos, old DMGs, creative applications, and large audio files. A quicker way to spot out old big files on your Mac is to run Dr. Below is a screenshot. Did you manage to address the disk almost full issue on your MacBook Pro?

Which method s do you find most helpful? Or you have another awesome tip to reclaim more storage quickly?