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Bookmarks are useful for creating links within a document or between multiple documents. This will put gray brackets around any bookmarked text.

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Word has a few special features to help automate tasks like numbering pages and figures or creating a table of contents. These features look like normal text, but they are actually fields that Word fills in according to a set pattern. Rhonda recommends always shading fields, but you can also opt to shade them only when they are selected. Next time you find yoursel f struggling with stubborn formatting or misplaced links, try using these tips to uncover the problem.

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Know any other great Word tricks? This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to assist with navigation and your ability to provide feedback, analyze your use of our products and services, assist with our promotional and marketing efforts, and provide content from third parties. We upgraded to Word in June. There is no problem with the new pcs but on the old pcs, the direction inserts spread to more than 2 pages, a lot more. The pcs are networked and they are all accessing the same files. They all run Windows XP home edition.

When you print the insert from the old pc it is evident that the font looks a little bigger.


Of course we could change the formatting but then, when printed from the new pcs the text would be too small. The problem we are having is that 2 computers in our house are viewing special characters differently. For my job we use the plus minus sign a lot. One one computer it works fine, the other computer it appears like an upside down A. They both have word , they both have windows XP and they both use the same printer. So, what is causing this and is there a way to rectify the problem? I am just in the process of having a website designed and when I view the website on my desktop it looks fine.

Everything is aligned, pictures and tables where they are suppose to be, but when I look at it on my office computer or home laptop, it looks a mess with the tables all distorted and pictures smaller and overlapping. The programmer is telling me there is nothing she can do about that…. Does anyone have any suggestions? The programs do not even have all the same fonts. Both systems are running Vista and both were installed with the same disk.

I have also seen many occasions where the document comes through totally different. My daughter often does her homework of the laptop the send me the things she needs printed.


We almost always have to revise to document before printing, due to changes in layout and fonts. It is very frustrating. I have a problem with a word template created with Microsoft Word Please help. It prints correctly on one machine but not others. In most cases, it prints as it looks on the screen.

Read the article you are commenting on for the reasons. From my experience, the most common reason is due to the different fonts installed on the machines. I once received a document to print and the layout was all wrong. I installed the missing fonts and it printed correctly. I created a hyperlinked document index in Excel. I want to know why a document in Windows XP looks different when opened directly than when I open it via the hyperlink.

I had a similar issue, one of our clients PC suddenly decided to go a bit weird and display all the Word docs they usually use differently to everyone else. It also decided to screw up some of the Outlook fonts too, but not as bad as it screwed Word, which is odd. Solution in the end was to copy fonts over from a good PC and then for the hell of it go into regional settings, and then to the tab with roman, japanese etc on.

Did a restart after both those things and worked a charm! If you do not want pdf, you can install the MS Office document image writer. Create document in word, excel etc, select print from file menu and change the default printer to the document image writer. It will give you an image of your document which will not change in different systems and can be viewed same as the original document by every one whom you forward it. Subsequently, we received larger inch monitors. When using MS Word , we made the dicovery that the on-screen view and printed version of a document page is not necessarily the same view and printed version that another user will see when viewing or printing the same page.

What is the source of this problem? How do we fix this so that we can ensure that what we see is what others will see when we distribute our documents? Many thanks, Hilary. Floppy drives that connect to a USB port are pretty cheap.

Fast way to get the files into the new computer, then save all the files onto a more modern media. Good idea to back the files up before editing them. I do this all the time for my wife. Unfortunately, Yamaha does not make an update to a memory card for it. Hilary If you wrote it with a version of Word from long long ago, the new word will probably be able to convert it. Your big problem is getting the file off that old machine. Perhaps a local computer store will have an old computer with a floppy disk and can download it for you.

Does the old broken laptop have a hard drive? If so, your best conversion option might be to have the hard drive pulled out and copy the files directly off it. Just wanted to post my thanks for this, had a verry similar issue at working using a clients custom fonts, installed them to a few machines. Same document, connected to same printers and same word settings, a number of extra pages would randomly been added to any documents using the fonts but revert back when moved to a good machine.

Been searching for a week and done the same as above seems to have solved it!!!

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The secretary at my church sends be the bulletin to check and make corrections in each week. I have the same programs on my computer, and my settings are the same as hers on here machine, however, the lines do not show up the same on mine as hers. She has two pages she sends and when I open it, there are three pages. I do not understand why. If she is using the standard windows fonts, then install drivers for the printer that you have at church.

Some printers may use a slight bit more space per line than others. A page that is full between the margins will then overflow on that printer. Installing the printer, even if you cannot print to it, will let your computer see how that printer will format the page. If she is using a font that is NOT one of the stock windows fonts, your computer will substitute one that you have.

Every font takes up a different amount of space on the page, even if claims to be the same size. If she will accept markups rather than having you change the Word file, she can output a PDF copy for you. I have a similar issue. My Word file displays hyperlinks differently when I email the Word file as part of the email not as an attachment in Outlook to myself.

Using Windows Vista and Office Got any suggestions? I am running Office and have some Word documents that are on a USB hard drive attached to my computer that is shared over the home office network. Any thoughts. I am editing a lengthy document pages in Spanish. By default, you should see tabs like Home, Insert, Layout, and View across the top.

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But, you can change these to fit your needs. Open Microsoft Word on your Mac with any document and then follow these steps. On the right side of the window, under Customize the Ribbon , you will see your tab options.

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Outlining tab : If you prefer to see your document in Outline view, this tab will appear. To access it, select the View tab and click Outline.