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Step 4: Hover over an uploaded file, and then click the More icon three-dots. On the context menu that shows up, click Download a Copy. You can also convert and download multiple files. To select more than a single file, hold down the Ctrl key, and then click on the files that you want to convert. The files should download to your hard drive in the chosen format immediately.

This method is very convenient, and most importantly, secure. The formatting problems should mostly be non-existent on the majority of PAGES documents after conversion. So do keep that in mind. We'll be talking about one in the next section. Below, you can find specific steps for using Zamzar, a reputed online converter that has been around for a while, and works quite well on most Android browsers.

Zamzar hosts your files for 24 hours from the time of upload.

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Step 1: Open a browser preferably Chrome on your Android device, and then visit the Zamzar website. Step 2: Use the Choose Files option to select the files that you want to convert from your Android device. Step 3: Specify the output file format using the Convert Files To menu. Step 4: Tap Convert.

Your files should start converting immediately. At times, the conversion process may take a few seconds to start depending on server workload.

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  5. Once Zamzar converts the files, tap the Download button next to a file to save it locally. However, it's always a good idea to do a read of the privacy policies on such sites to determine how those sites will handle you data before you proceed.


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    And if you are wondering, iCloud. Drop your files to convert them We'll get right on it. Files to Convert. File Name File Size Progress.

    Editing a .docx file on Mac

    You're in good company: Zamzar has converted over million files since File extension. The benefit of having open XML is that it is able to be read by applications, platforms and Internet Platforms. However to open it using any Microsoft Word that predated would require DOCX to be converted into a normal doc format. DOCX extends what is possible with the binary files of earlier versions. Any application that supports XML can access and work with data in the new file format.

    Convert Pages documents to PDF, Microsoft Word, and more

    The application does not need to be a Microsoft product it can be any application. Users can also use standard transformations to extract or repurpose the data. In addition, security concerns are drastically reduced because the information is stored in XML, which is essentially plain text. Thus, the data can pass through corporate firewalls without hindrance.

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    Pages is a hybrid application, first released by Apple in February , that allows users to perform both word processing and page layout tasks. A direct competitor to Microsoft Word part of Microsoft's "Office" suite it originally aimed to take a more simplistic approach to document creation and editing than Word, stripping out many of Word's more complex features. Actions Convert PAGES file View other document file formats Technical Details Official file format specifications for iWork Pages files are not published by Apple but there have been attempts by some developers to reverse engineer them.

    Associated programs Apple iWork Pages 4. DOCX improves file and data management and data recovery.

    Files with a. The key advances in Pages are summarised below: Version. Released in iWork ' Support added for Mac OS X Lion, full screen document editing, auto saving, resume, document versioning, better compatibility with Microsoft Office.