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Total customization

This machine has a configuration file that defines the screen layouts to use. I use gollum every day and this machine is set up as my synergy server. The other machines power on and off as required.


I use the single keyboard and mouse connected to gollum to access all of the machines simply by moving the cursor to the appropriate screen. If my cursor is somewhere on gollum's screen and I move it off the left edge it ends up on the legolas laptop.

Simply driving the cursor off the screen edge moves the keyboard and mouse focus to the next system. If a system is missing say sauron is off then moving right from gollum goes directly to gimli. Here is my configuration file on gollum that defines the screen layouts. This simply defines the four systems and how they are related to each other.

You can position screens side by side, vertically, or whatever makes sense for your working environment.

Troubleshooting Synergy ‘cannot read configuration’ error

All of the other systems you want to connect to are clients. Ok I went to the apple developer and have 3. On the intel iMac that is going to be the server I have the newest version of Xcode installed and mac ports.

Step One: Download and Install Synergy

I was wondering what to do with the zip files from the instructions above. Replace them by downloading them again or do I need to run them in mac ports somehow?

How to configure Synergy in six steps

Thanks for the detailed help. To prevent macports from attempting to update synergy to a newer version run your port update with: Code:.

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Reactions: AphoticD. Aug 7, 1 0. I'm assuming this is because barrier is based off synergy 1. But could it be possible?

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Note: Another awesome feature of synergy is that your linked computers will share clipboards allowing you to copy from one computer and paste into the other. Tags: This entry was posted on Saturday, November 21st, at pm and is filed under code. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.